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Miller Wood Trade Publications

Welcome to Miller Wood Trade Publications' website.  You have just found the premier online information source for the forest products industry. 

There are more trees in the United States today than there were 70 years ago, and some 4 million more are planted each day. About one-third of the United States (737 million acres) is forested, and annual growth exceeds harvest and loss (due to insects and disease) by 33 percent each year in the commercial forests.

Subsequently, the worldwide market potential for forest products is endless. Suppliers and buyers of forest products need a meeting ground, a means to gather information about one another and facilitate business relationships.

Miller Wood Trade Publications provides that much-needed service, exclusively serving both buyers and suppliers of forest products. Established in 1927, our company publishes 10 wood trade publications distributed to specialized markets worldwide and serving every segment of the billion-dollar industry.

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