One of DuChâteau’s popular collections is called Riverstone and is handcrafted from European Oak.

To Produce Custom Spaces, DuChâteau Harnesses Passion And Hardwoods From Around The World

By Joshua B. Smith


San Diego, California–From seven manufacturing sites and offices around the world, including a facility here, DuChâteau manufactures and markets a complete line of hardwood architecturalelements and finishes, including hard-wax hardwoodflooring, wood wall coverings and more. These andthe company’s host of other products are manufactured from a variety of domestic and imported wood species, including North American White Oak andWalnut, as well as European Oak. These and other species are purchased in Select grade in excess of 250,000 board feet per year.

The co-founders of DuChâteau, Misael Tagle (CEO)and Benjamin Buzali (president), harnessed a shared passion for innovation to create a brand that seeks to go beyond traditional design and manufacturing techniques to impact the flooring industry in a new way.

Tagle and Buzali first met in 2005 and quickly realized they shared a strong ambition and entrepreneurialdrive, with a mutual passion for innovation, design and branding. Each had been successful in their individual career pursuits but saw an opportunity to work togetherand make their mark in new ways. They formed what has become a lasting partnership in pursuit of making an impact in the surface covering industry.


European Ash is the species from which the company’s Terra collection is manufactured.

Tagle leads the development and execution of the company’s strategic growth initiatives, vision and culture, while overseeing its sales and marketing departments.Buzali leads the development and execution of the company’s strategic growth initiatives, vision and culture, while overseeing worldwide business operations and finance.

Under Tagle and Buzali’s leadership, DuChâteau has grown into a global company. In addition to offering one of the most unique and innovative flooring concepts in the marketplace, DuChâteau was one of the first regional flooring companies to distribute itsproducts nationwide through its own direct sales force to better connect the growing brand with customers throughout the U.S. – a fact the company’s founders take great pride in.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Tagle started Nexus Brokerage Inc., with his father in 2001, which primarily brokered commodities, such as food and electronics, to Mexico. He got his start in the surface covering industry in 2005, when an acquaintance introduced him to South American exotic wood floors as a potential business opportunity. He then started Noble Hardwoods,which specialized in importing exotic South American wood flooring to the U.S. Tagle met Buzali the following year and together they formed the start of what would become DuChâteau.


DuChâteau, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a manufacturer of high-end hardwood flooring and wall paneling products.

Tagle was born in Mexico City and spent his formative years in Coronado, CA. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego. He is passionate about music of all genres but is especially drawn to rock, and enjoys playing the drums, guitar and bass in his spare time. Tagle’s interests also include high performance race cars, fine time pieces and other things that marry high style with flawless technology.

Throughout his nearly 30-year career, Buzali has been involved in numerous entrepreneurial ventures and held senior level positions at several companies. He has been involved in launching multiple successful organizations, including Bazartex, Grupo Bronco and Kemo Sabe. He holds multiple accreditations related to manufacturing processes, sales, business administration and management, finance and international relations.

 At the time of DuChâteau’s founding, tastes and preferences were changing and the flooring industry was ripe for disruption. European-style flooring with longer lengths, wider planks and hard-wax oiled floors – specifications and designs that had existed in Europe for centuries – had yet to be introduced into the U.S. market. This created an opportunity for Tagle and Buzali. Their introduction of new col lections of luxury flooring products drew widespread industry attention with their innovative designs and old world feel.


The company’s products are regularly installed in corporate environments, including the likes of Beats Electronics LLC, Whole Foods, Saks Fifth Avenue and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC.

The company’s hardwood floors and wall coverings embody European style and luxury and, as an added benefit, require minimal maintenance.

The partners work with designers and engineers to continue enhancing their customized approaches each year. From the start they have worked to identify new manufacturing techniques to help deliver luxury products at competitive prices, gaining market share in the process.

This shared passion for design and innovation has been DuChâteau’s avenue to success. Together, they have built a regional flooring company into one of the largest national providers of high-end hardwood flooring and manufacturer of multiple luxury architectural finishes. In addition to the quality of its products, Buzali points to DuChâteau’s innovation, originality, approach to market and culture as key drivers of the company’s success.

Buzali remarked, “Now that we’re in our 12th year in business, our company’s roots are well planted. We’re not simply a manufacturer, but a lifestyle company, creating unique products and design elements for environments beyond the traditional residential home. Retail, corporate and hospitality projects where cold materials are often chosen can be designed by DuChâteau with the warmth and welcome that wood brings.”


DuChâteau manufactures a variety of flooring and wall covering products from solid hardwoods species, including European Oak and North American Walnut and White Oak.

The incorporation of the company’s various product elements is part of the company’s approach that combines old-world traditional craftsmanship with custom, proprietary manufacturing processes. According to Buzali, “These processes have been praised by architects, designers, contractors and homeowners for constantly setting new standards for the industry.”

Success comes not only through having the highest quality items on offer, but also having a team that is dedicated to representing and informing potential cus tomers about the properties of each unique product. Two recent additions to the DuChâteau sales team are Rick Wagner and Doug Robinson. Wagner has joined as West Coast Regional Manager, while Robinson is Midwest Regional Manager. Combined the pair have over 65 years of experience in sales, marketing and many other finely tuned skills that are key to managing the wide spread components of a company with locations in three countries. In 2018 alone, DuChâteau added 11 resi dential sales positions with roles to be added in the near future as demand continues to grow for the company’s products.

 To experience the success which has brought DuChâteau to the forefront of the industry, strong mission statements have to be followed, including innovation, unique visuals, a marriage of nature and technology and a strong passion for wood products. Where many furniture, flooring and other home finishings are produced with synthetic materials, DuChâteau has participated heavily in the industry through participation in multiple organizations to hear what clients want in their homes and work spaces.

Tagle noted, “We exhibit at The International Surface Event/Surfaces, Hospitality, the National Wood Flooring Association show, the American Society of Interior Designers annual gathering (NEOCON) and the BDNY Boutique Design Trade Fair.”

He continued, “In addition to our nationwide network of retailers that feature our products, we maintain a full product line showroom at our corporate facility in San Diego.”

DuChâteau is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, U.S. Green Building Council and the American Society of Interior Designers. Tagle commented in closing, “Our company’s products are created to embodyour passion through a combination of innovative, fashion-forward design and traditional craftsmanship that resonates in a uniquely beautiful and elegant way. This is DuChâteau.”

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