Canadian Government Responds To U.S. Softwood Tariff

  Ottawa, ON–The government of Canada has responded to the proposed Softwood lumber tariff that was announced by U.S. President Donald Trump in late April. Leaders of the Canadian government, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Columbia’s Premier, Christy Clark, expressed that the tariffs would unfairly punish Canadian exporters of lumber products, but especially export businesses that are smaller in size.
  In the coming weeks, Trudeau stated that officials in Ottawa would study whether U.S. firms should be allowed to continue shipping thermal coal through routes in British Columbia. This would also impact exports of thermal coal dug from Canadian mines.
  Sources within the Canadian government noted that additional response could potentially be expected through bans or restrictions on the importation of goods such as wine, plywood and flooring from states like Oregon. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon was a proponent for the Softwood lumber tariff.

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