Hardwood Federation Announces Call To Action From U.S. Manufacturers

  Dana Lee Cole, executive director of the Hardwood Federation, released the following call to action for the forest products industry:
  The Department of Commerce is seeking information on the impact of Federal permitting requirements on the construction and expansion of domestic manufacturing facilities and on regulations that adversely impact domestic manufacturers. As directed by President Trump’s Memorandum of January 24, 2017, ‘‘Streamlining Permitting and Reducing Regulatory Burdens for Domestic Manufacturing,’’ the Secretary of Commerce is conducting outreach to stakeholders concerning the impact of Federal regulations on domestic manufacturing, and is soliciting comments from the public concerning Federal actions to streamline permitting for the construction and expansion of domestic manufacturing facilities and to reduce regulatory burdens for domestic manufacturers.
If you are interested in submitting comments, you may do so online at www.regulations.gov.

  • At the home page, enter DOC–2017–0001 in the ‘‘Search’’ box;
  • Click the ‘‘Comment Now!’’ icon;
  • Complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.
  Hard copies of your comments may also be sent to:
The Office of Policy and Strategic Planning
Department of Commerce

H.C. Hoover Building Rm. 5863,
1401 Constitution Ave. NW.,
Washington, DC. 20230
  Comments must be received by 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on March 31, 2017.
The Department of Commerce is looking for input regarding the following questions in two categories:
  Manufacturing Permitting Process:
1. How many permits from a Federal agency are required to build, expand or operate your manufacturing facilities? Which Federal agencies require permits and how long does it take to obtain them?
2. Do any of the Federal permits overlap with (or duplicate) other federal permits or those required by State or local agencies? If the answer is yes, how many permits? From which Federal agencies?
3. Briefly describe the most onerous part of your permitting process.
4. If you could make one change to the Federal permitting process applicable to your manufacturing business or facilities, what would it be? How could the permitting process be modified to better suit your needs?
5. Are there Federal, State, or local agencies that you have worked with on permitting whose practices should be widely implemented? What is it you like about those practices? 
Regulatory Burden/Compliance:
1. Please list the top four regulations that you believe are most burdensome for your manufacturing business. Please identify the agency that issues each one. Specific citation of codes from the Code of Federal Regulations would be appreciated.
2. How could regulatory compliance be simplified within your industry or sector?
3. Please provide any other specific recommendations, not addressed by the questions above, that you believe would help reduce unnecessary Federal agency regulation of your business.

Additional information that will also be helpful includes relevant North American Industry Classification System codes, explaining what you manufacture, where your facilities are located, how many people you employ and approximate sales revenues.
  More information visit www.hardwoodfederation.com.

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