Hardwood Federation seeking responses to tariff survey

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Dear Hardwood Federation Supporters, 

Impacts of the ongoing trade disputes with the NAFTA countries (Canada and Mexico), the European Union and China are being felt by almost all manufacturing sectors, including agriculture and the hardwood industry.  We are hearing more frequently from hardwood companies that they are feeling the pressures of this ongoing challenge.  To date, the Hardwood Federation team has communicated to the Administration and to Members of Congress that they must move to quickly resolve the trade impasse and reach agreement with our trading partners in order to ensure stability in the marketplace.  This is the same positioning most commodity groups are taking as they work to address the concerns of their memberships.

We would like to hear from you as a hardwood industry leader about the impacts (positive or negative) or lack of impacts on your company due to the current status of trade negotiations. This will help us be better informed during our conversations with the Administration and elected officials.  Please take a few moments to share your experience and insight with us regarding retaliatory measures (customs delays, price renegotiations, project delays, etc.) or competitive or operational impacts (raw material costs, product pricing, supply chain management etc.).  (Note:  We will not use names our companies in our discussions unless express permission is given.)‚Äč


Thank you! 
Hardwood Federation 

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