Potlatch And Deltic Timber To Combine

  Potlatch Corp., with corporate headquarters in Spokane, WA, recently announced that it will be merging its operations with those of Deltic Timber Corp., headquartered in El Dorado, AR.
  According to the press release from Potlatch, the combined company will operate under the name PotlatchDeltic Corp. and will have its corporate headquarters in Spokane.
  The combined timberland base of the new company will total approximately 2 million acres, with a lumber capacity of 1.2 BBF and over 1,500 employees serving in excess of 200 customers.
Potlatch CEO, Michael J. Covey, will serve as the chairman and CEO of PotlatchDeltic, with Potlatch’s President and COO, Eric Cremers, maintaining those responsibilities at the new company. Deltic Timber’s President and CEO, John D. Enlow Sr., will serve as vice chairman of PotlatchDeltic.
  The merger is projected to close within the first half of 2018.
  Potlatch Corp. was founded in 1903 and today operates five manufacturing facilities located in Arkansas, Idaho, Minnesota and Michigan, producing lumber and panel products from primarily Softwood species like Southern Yellow Pine, Cedar, Industrial grade Fir plywood. The Minnesota and Michigan mills focus on the production of precision-cut SPF studs.
  According to Deltic Timber Corp.’s website, the company is involved in natural resources with a focus on the ownership and management of timberland. The company’s operations are located in Arkansas and north Louisiana, with total timberland ownership of 530,000 acres.
  More information can be found at www.potlatchcorp.com or www.deltic.com.

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