SFPA Details Softwoods Eligible for Tariff Exemptions from China

China’s Tariff Committee of the State Council will begin accepting applications for retaliatory tariff exemptions on March 2, the Southern Forest Products Association says.

To receive a one-year exemption, companies registered to conduct business in China must file an application and specify the amount of product they plan to import from the United States under a given tariff code. They also must explain why tariff relief is needed and the impact that retaliatory tariffs have had on their companies.

China is soliciting applications for nearly 700 U.S.-made products, including:

  • Korean Pine/Mongolian Scotch Pine, sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code 44071110)
  • Radiata Pine, sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code:44071120)
  • Douglas Fir, sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code 44071130)
  • Other Pine wood, sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code 44071190)
  • Fir (Abies Spp.) and Spruce (Picea Spp.), sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code 44071200)
  • Other coniferous wood, sawn lengthwise, Thk>6Mm (tariff code 44071900)

Though China appears to prioritize applications for products on this list, its Feb.18 announcement also invited companies to submit tariff-exemption applications for unlisted products.  The announcement was followed by reports from the American Hardwood Export Council that China planned to lift U.S. hardwood lumber import tariffs for one year, beginning today.

The Tariff Committee believes these exemptions will encourage imports and help fulfill China’s purchasing agreements under the “phase one” trade deal with the United States.

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