Valutec installs three TC kilns in Sweden

Coquitlam, BC—Valutec, located here, recently installed three of its TC (cross-circulation) kilns in Sweden’s Västerbotten region in the northern area of the country.
One TC continuous kiln was delivered to Martinson Group, a producer of wooden bridges and building frames, which will use the kiln primarily to dry side boards. The company also invested in five batch kilns for planks and boards. All of the purchases are part of the production increase at Martinson’s Bygdsilijum facility from 127,000 board feet to 176,000 board feet annually.
Norra Skogsägarna installed two Valutec TC kilns, one at its facility in Kåge, where it will be ready in January 2019, and another in Savar, which will be operational in October 2018. In Kåge, capacity has doubled the past eight years from around 55,000 board feet to 102,000 board feet annually, during which time the company also invested in batch kilns from Valutec. Because drying capacity at the facility has peaked, Norra Skogsägarna, which deals in Pine and Spruce, invested in the TC continuous kiln.
“It’s fantastic to see our regional sawmills developed, and also an honor that they chose us and their partner in major future investments. I’m also proud of us supplying facilities that not only increase their production capacity but also help to further optimize their production,” said Robert Larsson, CEO of Valutec.

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