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The continued growth and success of the Beasley Group is one built on a foundation of quality, customer service and reliability. From its humble beginnings in Hazlehurst, Georgia, the company has become a world-leader in the Forest Products Industry. This growth, fueled by vertical integration, has allowed us to participate in most areas of the hardwood and softwood industries.
In support of our customers, the company has an extensive product offering. These products include crane mats and timbers, grade lumber, railroad cross/switch ties, pallet wood, industrial lumber and prefinished solid and engineered hardwood flooring, as well as residuals. 
Though all the Beasley Group’s manufacturing operations are based in the United States, our products are being shipped to customers located around the World. Our loyal customers are considered long-term partners that appreciate the company’s consistency in focusing on product quality, customer service and attention to detail.
We believe in and understand the importance of investing in our employees and in our communities. Our employees are also leaders in the industry and are our most valued assets. With their knowledge, commitment, and experience - matched with world class operations; the Beasley Group will be serving the industry for generations so come. 

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