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Value is an Output Calculation

Walking through the expansive climate-controlled warehouse at Granite Valley Forest Products provides a very advanced perspective on the hardwoods industry. Row upon row of neatly packed kiln-dried white oak, red oak, maple, hickory, black walnut, and a dozen other species tower sixteen feet high. 
“We work in a commodities exchange type of business,” explains Gus Welter, Granite Valley’s owner and president. “We refine and sell a raw material, and none of our customers are interested in buying it just to have it. They buy it to refashion it and resell it. Every decision we make and everything we do is geared toward giving our customers maximum advantage in their markets.”
In Granite Valley’s mind, their primary obligation is to put customers in a position to be as successful as possible. They are obsessed with making sure the quality of their products, the consistency of their loads, and the caliber of their process and performance enable customers to achieve the highest possible return on their investment. “When you invest in a commodity,” Welter explains, “the goal is not to spend as little as possible; the goal is to achieve as much ROI as possible.” That’s where Granite Valley focuses all of its energy – making sure customers get the most out of their investment in hardwood.




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