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“U-C Coatings is a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium wood protection products. For 50 years, our products have been used in a variety of industries, including hardwood and softwood logging and lumber production, wood products manufacturing, woodworking and wood decking markets. Our products are used worldwide to protect, conserve and enhance forest resources. Our goal is to help our customers achieve more with less waste and provide the highest level of protection for their products.


The company offers Anchorseal® end sealers and edge sealers for lumber and other wood products, as well as Gempaint® for lumber branding. We continue to expand the Contechem® product line with Britewood for mold and sapstain control in softwood and hardwood applications. The Contechem® Sol-Brite product line provides excellent iron stain removal and brightening. Seal-Once® is a line of eco-friendly, waterbased sealers for wood and concrete that provides excellent water repellant performance and protection from the elements. The Eco Chemical® line of water-based wood stains and other coatings products is used by the pressure treating and fencing industries, as well as other prefinished wood manufacturing firms.  The Bates line of glue releases help prevent glue buildup and make cleanup easier wherever adhesives are used while DPS protects finished parts from checking and delaminating while in storage.


The company has operations in Buffalo, Portland, and Seattle. Contact us for any of your wood protection and finishing needs.”

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